Resume | Anton Niklasson



Frontend Development at Creuna

As a part of multiple different teams I contributed to design systems, frontend architecture, server-rendered React apps and internal tools for governement organizations and large coporations withing Finance.

Freelancing at Anton Niklasson AB

Taking on various technical projects as my own boss.

Fullstack JavaScript at Bonnier News

Part of the team that built Bonnier News new publishing platform. My contribution included frontend development, backend integrations, design systems, agile work and technical interviews. Our main focus was to replace older tools with a more usable and unobtrusive suite of systems for optimizing the journalism is produced at Bonnier News.

Consultant at Netlight

Netlight provides genuine consulting services for leaders in the digital industry. The combination of competence, creativity and business sense is what makes Netlight stand out as a service provider, and are also the characteristics of each individual Netlighter.

Frontend & Sales Support at Accedo

Part of a cross-platform distributed team that developed a suite of applications for streaming video content. Included server-side rendered React to be able to handle huge amounts of traffic within a short timeframe.

Game Development at Attentec

Built a top-down multiplayer racing game for all the majoir mobile phone platforms together with three other students. Availble on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

R&D at Per & Per